Boy Lift that arm need to see the bruises oh ain't you cold and lonely baby I got news fresh this morning gonna spill the beans gonna come clean everything I said? oh they was lies all the letters you wrote? I threw on the fire all the promises I made with fingers crossed behind my back if you get hit hard enough too many times things get kind of dark at night goodnight boy dying words I swear to god this is the last one I just love 'em all so much these are the days of wine and roses but just for me always only me Night Porter Put down your arms I'm not your gun for hire I need to blur the lines between which one of us I need afraid of being left upon the shelf born into a room we all leave by different doors it's not the hiding it's where you find me a weak-chested boy with broken skin I've known you all my life I'm always drunk on someone else's blues I can smell your perfume on the street once again you know you're always right god I hope that someone's listening another shoulder breaks my jaw she was just trying to hold me close you never came around I'm The Ghost Nothing burns like a bridge to you I've never known suffering 'til I had to watch your silhouette fade it seems my thoughts are a shrine to you do you remember when the rain came down and you drank the sweet water from my mouth? well the rain don't fall here anymore torn up pictures of you how they haunt my floor they're afraid of me because I'm the ghost of a boy who never lived at all summer came Oh I slept right through I have never known suffering like the darkness in you echoes of pain oh they shake my rusted heart do you remember when the rain came down and you drank the sweet water from my mouth? Dead Texas Right my good sense we explode in the same way oh it's ok they're never quite what they seem it's no surprise I can't look you in the eye the flowers in the graveyard set the air on fire rocket blind into the dark I still know what I mean to you dead Texas radio skulls in the fog-lights oh it's ok they're never quite what they seem rocket blind into the dark no I still know what I mean to you never oh I'd never I still know what I mean to you I still know Shake the Feeling From the valley to the water's edge there's a boy a little younger than me it's not just the empty thrones he'll come right out and say it I can't shake the feeling I'm being something that I just don't believe in I'm not tired yet and it's just right across the bridge I'm not leaving you I just need another drink, because I can't shake the feeling I'm being something that I just don't believe in Human Cannonball I'm a human cannonball I'll perform for you light myself, see how I fall trade me in for something new you can't get to me shooting shadows off the coast you can't get to me give me something visual it's what the enemy used to be down by the riverbank things just get in the way I am just a kid and this gun feels big in my hand I'm a human cannonball After Midnight Shifting gears on me lost for words naked in someone's bathroom now he cooked me a meal at 2am it got cold in the living room hunched over deep in the loft buried in sheets whisky and balconies just don't mix he just led the girl away what happens next? I've had a lifetime to fantasies you couldn't possibly live up to what was born inside my head I always knew it would come to this Spider Catcher Oh the 24th doesn't seem so clever when I'm looking down the barrel of your bloodshot eyes please kiss me out of the whirlpool and this sweet isolation you put me to shame sweet defeat shape-shifter This is so beneath me and that's where you keep me waiting I wait so long this is not who I was I am abandoned I am the spider catcher sweet defeat shape-shifter you wore my lungs out but I don't miss breathing you wore my heart out but I don't miss feeling For Heather When I met you I knew my days were through with heavy heart I look back again Christmas day was a shadow in the doorway when I was strong enough she raised me alone I cut my throat over a girl I know all of my memories fade into empty picture-frames the night has eyes I found out to my surprise she disappeared once night such a lovely girl when I saw you I knew my days were through a slowing heart heralds the end Parts These are the same old lines I fall for every time ancient and bold or just tired an old? you decide it's a shame you spend your days so lonely I hope your colours never run things you do should never fade there's teeth in the rocks and parts underneath the stair more tied to strings and hung into my hair it's like she hates the words but loves to watch me talk like lyrics are soaked in rain there are colours I will never see it's a shame you spend your days so lonely I hope your colours never run things you do should never fade t's Ok to Disappear Sweet deceiver it's pathetic but you're the only thing I know you can line those eyes with silver but no-one gets away love the puppets hate the show but I just want to get home sweet Maria it's ok to disappear If the abuse is all you know you can line those eyes with silver but no-one gets away burn the puppets fuck the show but I just want to get home sweet believer it's pathetic but I wish I could feel it all you know you can make your mark in silver but no-one gets away I guess we just disappear you know? but I just want to get home Vineyard My years are a day to the universe in a vineyard of empty bottles my dreams are all dead they're in a beautiful graveyard but I only haunt it for you but what would you do If there was nothing to say? If you've got nothing left you can't pray it all goes away your kingdom of lies will one day collapse on itself do you wonder if he died with your name shining like a diamond in his mind why won't it rain? Paper Boats "Even you'll leave me soon enough" thought the drunk at the night to him the tins look just like paper boats moving in the rain "I thought at least there'd be a vision, or something" he says to himself the last words might as well be the first ones for all the good their gonna do It's coming down in sheets tonight and the food is getting wet shame...shame on you Lost Currencies Jagged voices haunt the fields and they're frozen 'cause they don't know it's just an aeroplane flying overhead Children walk just like they're old and faded glory fills the streets they don't know it but they've all been born before and died so many times it confuses even the bleeding lord who rolls a dice and hopes for something good to come of this quakes shake the mountains and shake beneath the feet of an old man who curses the sky before he realises she was buried so you see they say all loss is good but I've lost it all before and I protest against anyone who's got the guts to shock the silence while angle splay cards under halos of smoke in the back room for lost currencies and wonder who the fuck had the guts to ever do such a thing? Slowly over the years I've worked so hard my home succumbed to rust I would leave you in a heartbeat but my suitcase is falling apart would you do it all again? oh absolutely, absolutely I just wish my home had rusted me right with it I've got no-one left to miss me I've got no-one left to watch me fade away Then there was Me It used to be us then I saw the cracks in your window but I keep looking out anyway where did you learn to be so good? if something's got to give It may as well be me It used to be just us but then then there was me then there was me he hangs out with the fools but hey he was king for a day and I believe in cowboys and clowns and anything I can throw away The Sweetness of it All From across the street I can see something's wrong she won't answer the phone but all the lights are on I can't close my eyes until the radio sleeps she can't sleep with an open door the night has eyes or so she says to me just what kind of heart do you own? I'm fucked up again mesmerised by the sweetness of it all hiding in the spotlight in plain view you don't have to say a word I will come to you you're locked inside a world where the witness is cheap you don't have to say a word I will come to you I notice what you're wearing as you go to bed I know that it dictates how my dreams are led they caught me as I pushed a letter through your door but honey it's ok I will come for you as the centuries sleep It falls and it rises It so beautifully capsizes so sparing with surprises your light eclipses me at home in the shade I burned poetry for you by the mouthful as you drew your own eyes with a cracked voice disturbing the dunes ashes fill your mouth every cinder a word as the centuries sleep Losing You I came out of the depression in high spirits I can roll the dice like they're charmed I was a rich man coming out of prison when even my dog red got the blues didn't think I could ever lose but I'm losing you did the tight-rope act with my eyes closed drank so much they closed down the bar I won the war without getting out of bed I can look the sun square in the eye if I hate hard enough the rain falls but if I yawn it just goes away didn't think I could ever lose but I'm losing you Stay Down I met someone that you would have liked pet a circus performer who dances across the power-lines whilst making a list up of reasons not to leave the world oh tell me you love me in different tongues tonight, my love because we are all very badly made and far, far too human met the man who burns pages of words and only loves you with the make-up on and then I was reminded that life was a fight I didn't know who was the woundor even who had the knife so thank you from the bottom of my lungs I whisper my problems to strangers for the price of the shadow of the girl only with you on my back would I ever make a stand Sometimes they're Right Took off at a run from the old Jones' place didn't stop to see the city lights bleed I try not to talk too loudly you see because you even throw a better shadow then me some of us leave school and don't know what the fuck to do some of us just don't leave at all Well I bet you thought you'd have more faith than this By now and god it's a shame what can be taken away in the blink of an eye because sometimes they're right please keep it straight so I don't fall behind it's not much but I'm afraid it's my best a killer of time how I murder my years 'don't try' I hear that's the key some of us leave home and don't know where the fuck to go some of us just don't move at all.